Site Safety Co-ordinator

Location : Halewood, Merseyside, England
Job Ref : JM94
Consultant : Judith McClurg
Sector : Construction
Salary : DOE


JM68:   Site Safety Co-ordinator.
Location: Liverpool.
Salary: £17 – £23 per hour.


The prime role of the site safety coordinator is to provide a competent and professional site safety service to enable the Principal Contractor to undertake their duty as defined by Construction (Design & Management) regulations 2015 in the UK. It is common for our client to accept the role of \”Principal Contractor\” as the project management of the installation is lead internally.

Activities of the Site Safety Co-ordinator will include:

Provision of safe systems of work that:

  • Delivers the requirements of our clients Safe System of Work.
  • Enables a robust, consistent and comprehensive review of contractor Risk Assessments and Method Statements (RAMS) by Engineers and Site Safety Co-ordinator professionals.
  • Does not allow any work to take place, without RAMS being reviewed as suitable and sufficient.
  • Maintains a record of authorisation to work records against risk assessments reviewed for audit purposes.
  • Enables a review mechanism that checks that contractors are working to RAMS and any permits required.
  • Enables frequent audit checks of contractor’s safety performance, adherence to Ford Global Construction Specification (01100) requirements and any of their own safety controls.
  • Utilises the PTME Monthly Data Summary spread sheet and collects safety data to present to the Principal Contractor, to show trends in safety performance and methods used to correct any negative trends, encourage positive trends, and address any non­ conforming acts or conditions.
  • Gives advice on best practice and coaching to staff and contractors to help maintain the highest safety standard at all times.
  • Provide any other site safety related data that our client requires (e.g. Contractor hours worked on site, number of contractors engaged at any time and safety inductions completed).
  • Record hazard and near miss data into clients’ database on a regular basis.
  • Audits contractor’s adherence to specific FAS08-075 Pre-Qualification (Attachment 11) elements committed to during the tender process.\”
  • Check and document contractor competence and undertake FAS0S-075 Pre-qualification assessments with the requisitioning engineers and management teams.
  • Lead daily coordination meetings to ensure all contractor representatives and lead engineers (FMC) are aware of the upcoming activities and these are coordinated to avoid any accidents. Particular attention will be paid to high-risk activities.
  • Weekly coordination meetings which include reviewing site issues and forward planning Create and publish meeting minutes and ensure issues are followed up on a regular basis.
  • Attend online Program management meetings monthly\”
  • Monitoring and auditing of activities on site (e.g. regular, documented safety walks).

Site Safety Coordinator:

Clients requirements (cont)

  • Provide and publish a weekly safety metrics summary, including contractor hours worked on site, details of non-conforming acts or conditions, contractor safety performance and any safety interventions required.
  • Advise on best practice and coaching FMC staff and contractors to help maintain highest safety standard at all times. \”
  • Reviewing Risk Assessments and Method Statements submitted by contractors prior to work being started on site, periodic collection of interim and final vendor assessment forms and 654n processing.
  • Delivery of our clients site safety induction presentations, site rules and \”\”toolbox talks\”\” to all people involved with the project.
  • Creation and issuing of site induction badges after delivery of induction and checking of qualifications.
  • Secure the construction site and control access/ egress of personnel and equipment.
  • Lead any accident or incident investigation, providing comprehensive written reports that identify immediate and systemic root causes. Assist staff to enable any of the identified interim or permanent corrective actions.
  • Regular reviews of contractor and FMC installation plans.
  • Prepare, maintain, update and communicate the overall construction phase plan .\”
  • Liaise with local plant safety team and project management teams (both Plant based and PTME).
  • Gather the required information and develop the H+S File.
  • Assist in the review and issuance of specific job

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