Maintenance and Operations Manager

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Maintenance and Operations Manager
Portsmouth, Hampshire
£30,000 – £50,000

A superb and highly unusual opportunity for a really experienced marine engineer (preferably also a sailor) looking to develop a more shore based role. You will oversee the day to day operations and maintenance of the fleet, both during scheduled refits and during sailing operations. During down times, you will be teaching clients and helping produce educational material. There will be opportunities to travel around the world and to get involved with some expedition sailing to remote regions.

About Rubicon 3
We are an expedition sailing company running a fleet of four 60’ yachts. Our sail training expeditions head off year round, all over the northern hemisphere, on both sides of the Atlantic. Our speciality is the higher latitudes with regions such as Norway, Svalbard and Iceland. We are committed to achieving the highest levels of operational competence and to providing meaningful careers and training to each individual.

Job location
Home / office based, but coming into Portsmouth 2-3 times a week and able to come in every day during refit periods (c. 3 months of the year)

Work hours
Although our standard week is 40 hours long, it is very much up to you to manage your work hours. With yachts operating all over the world, we can take phone calls at 3 in the morning or have to head off to Iceland at a moment’s notice. You need to be 100% committed to the cause, and when the situation calls for it, we have to be on, no matter what. That also means there is no clock watching and you can fit in your regular work around the hours that suit you. Because the hours can be unpredictable at times, it is essential that you take proper time off and this will be carefully managed by the company.

Core responsibilities

 Maintenance (40% of job)

  • Ensure the fleet is maintained to a high standard, including:
    • diesel, electrical, plumbing, rigging, hull, sails, systems.
  • Ensure the fleet meets all regulatory requirements such as MCA coding.
  • Plan and manage the refit schedule of the yachts.
  • Mange the extended refits, making best use of budget, contractors and freelance staff.
  • Fix and recover any yacht suffering operational problems, wherever in the world.

Crew management (40% of job)

  • Help recruit and train Rubicon 3 crew.
  • Help them build the necessary skills in maintenance and repair.
  • Oversee crew travel to and from expeditions.
  • Coordinate the daily activities of the yachts on expedition, ensuring passage plans are submitted, departure and arrival times are recorded and that the expeditions are running smoothly.

Training (20% of job)

  • When the yachts are away and there are no pressing mechanical issues, you will teach customer facing courses. Diesel engine maintenance, electrical etc.
  • We produce blogs, training videos, run courses and other such output and you will need to be happy to appear in / contribute to that.

Essential skills

  • Very strong electrical and mechanical skills, such that you can diagnose and fix the majority of problems that occur in this area. These include:
  • Ability to pull apart and rebuild a diesel engine
  • Ability to pull apart and rebuild a gearbox
  • Able to rewire basic DC and AC systems in a yacht

Desirable skills. Some or all of:

  • Extensive yacht refit experience
  • NMEA 2000
  • Fibreglass construction / repair
  • Carpentry
  • Metalwork / welding
  • RYA yachtmaster

Soft skills

  • A 24/7 operation requires someone who is highly committed, adaptable, and able to take the rough with the smooth.
  • You need to be self motivated and disciplined and able to mix taking huge pride in your outcomes with a realistic understanding of what is possible.

 Day to day activities

  • Remotely diagnose / fix / advise on any mechanical / electrical issues they report.
  • Order spare parts and arrange for transport to the yacht.
  • Monitor maintenance budgets.
  • Prepare each yacht for its next refit period, ensuring yard is booked, contractors are evaluated and booked etc.
  • Manage the maintenance reporting system.
  • Write / contribute to a maintenance ‘how to’ article or blog.
  • Run a customer facing course on diesel maintenance etc.
  • Prepare / run crew maintenance training sessions.
  • Fly out to yachts for periodical inspections and evaluations (c. 3 days a month)
  • Fly out to yachts for emergency recovery / repair. (c. 1 -2 x year).
  • If sufficiently experienced, can run / join 2-3 expeditions per year.

Where you fit into the organisation

  • At its very heart. Reporting to the CEO, you will be fully responsible for ensuring that the day to day operations run smoothly and efficiently.


  • £30,000 – £50,000 p/a depending on experience and skill set


  • 4 weeks holiday per year
  • Pension
  • 2 weeks paid sick leave
  • CPD

To apply for this role please direct all CV’s to or call 0203 086 7245 for a further discussion.


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