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Institute of Recruiters

Institute of Recruiters

Work Placement

In partnership with some of our major clients we have introduced work placement schemes for service leavers.

We would like to introduce you to our ex-military work placement process.  Where our ex-military candidates are still engaged by the Ministry of Defence but are in a process of either Terminal or Resettlement leave from the military then we manage a process of work placement.

Individuals are interviewed and considered for specific vacancies and then given an opportunity for a 2-4 week placement with the company.  During this period the individual candidate is still paid by the Ministry of Defence but would be given the chance to work and be mentored over a period of time with your company.  If at the end of the work placement the individual is considered to be the right fit for the role they are offered full time employment to commence at date of discharge.  If they are not considered suitable then no offer is made - or indeed, the individual candidate may decide that the opportunity is not for them.  The cost to the client is the reimbursement of any necessary expenses or other out-of-pocket costs as the candidate is still salaried by the Ministry of Defence.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further.