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Institute of Recruiters

Institute of Recruiters

Lessons Identified


As a job seeker you must ensure that you are best informed at all times! It might be that you have your proverbial squared away but there is no harm in refreshing your outlook.

Be Organised:

Make sure that you have made a note of the 101 applications you might have out in cyber space. There is nothing worse than a potential employer or agency calling you about an application you have made only for you to um and err as you try to back pedal and remember what the role was! Have emails and applications organised methodically in folders on whatever email platform you use. We would suggest that this is done by employer or agency name rather than chronologically – that said, it is up to you how you are organised but don’t get caught on the hop when the call comes in.

Be organised with your logistics. If you have been called forward for interview know where you are going and how long it will take to get there – especially if you are battling rush hour traffic! We had a candidate being interviewed for a senior transport role this week that arrived, quite rightly, 20 mins early for his interview. The client saw him immediately and was suitably impressed that he had made the effort to recce the route and understood the challenges of beating the rush hour traffic. This established a great rapport with the interviewer and set the right tone for the interview. That individual has been invited back for a final interview next week!

Be Informed:

Make sure that you have got a full job description for any role you are applying for. Make sure you understand fully what is required and that you are a good match. At initial interview, be that agency or employer you need to have a full appreciation of what will be expected of you and be able to demonstrate similar competencies. Know the job description backwards and how you will prove your capacity to perform.

If you are attending a face-to-face interview make sure you have a wider understanding of the business. What else do they do, what are their markets, who are their key suppliers and clients? Do they have any interesting contracts in the pipeline? Much of this information is readily available – if not, then ask the agency who should have an appreciation.