Assistant Permitting and Licensing Manager

Location : Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England
Job Ref : JM74
Consultant : Judith McClurg
Sector : MN
Salary : DOE


JM74: Assistant Permitting and Licensing Manager
Location: Mansfield
Salary: £25,901-£28,779 per annum


  • To support the Permitting and Licensing Managers in undertaking and managing Permits to developers and consultants to investigate and treat our clients coal estate.
  • To support the Permitting and Licensing Managers in undertaking and managing applications for statutory licences and other agreements and to administer extant licences and agreements.
  • To develop and manage relationships with clients, partners and stakeholders and provide specialist internal and external advice.



  • To develop the skills and experience to technically evaluate submitted proposals for Licence applications.
  • To develop the skills and experience to technically evaluate submitted proposals for Permits.
  • To investigate rights and records in relation to the ownership of coal and the publication of statutory notices.
  • To understand and ensure that the statutory obligations of our client in respect of Licensing and Permissions are complied with.
  • To develop the skills and experience to assess the level and adequacy of an applicant’s form of security for subsidence damage and other liabilities and the statutory arrangements for safety of operations under leases and licences.
  • To manage mining licences and access agreements.
  • To liaise and consult with internal departments and external bodies on issues relating to coal-mining operations, permissions to enter the our client’s mineral estate and other related matters.
  • To assist, where required in the management, enhancement and development of the information held on the Licensing and Permissions section of our client’s web site.
  • To assist in monitoring compliance with the terms of permits, leases and licences through site visits.
  • To assist in building and manage relationships with developers and consultants.


  • To act in accordance with the behaviours and values of the organisation.
  • To actively demonstrate the our client’s customer service standards expected of your role.
  • To manage your own performance to be accountable for meeting individual, team and corporate objectives.
  • To act in accordance with the Scheme of Delegation and ensure propriety and regularity in the handling of public funds.
  • To comply with and contribute to the improvement of operational and team processes and procedures.
  • To assist with the preparation and execution of the team’s objectives, budgets and financial records.
  • To identify opportunities and implement change leading to team development, system improvement and good value for money.
  • To maintain and develop positive stakeholder relationships in order to promote  our client’s and assist it to meet its objectives.
  • To support research and development projects.
  • To ensure that our client’s statutory responsibilities are effectively discharged.
  • To carry out any further reasonable requests from your line manager.


Qualifications and Training

  • Higher qualification in Mining, Geotechnical/ Environmental Engineering, Geology or a related scientific field.

Experience and Knowledge

  • Experience of reading and interpreting maps and data
  • Experience of geotechnical and site based works
  • Experience of mining risk identification and developing investigation/treatment proposals.
  • Experience of working with and interpreting geological data

Skills and Abilities

  • Experience of working with GIS and mapping software
  • Excellent report writing skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills


  • Overnight stays
  • Field visits
  • Use of PPE

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