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Institute of Recruiters

Institute of Recruiters

Engineering Candidates

Whilst we have the capacity to place our ex military candidates into almost any role, we specialise in technical appointments.

Our candidates are well qualified and in the majority of cases have served in the military and have gone on to gain significant and exceptional commercial technical experience as well.

Recent assignments have seen us place candidates into the rail engineering sector – in particular ex Army Royal Engineers (Civil Engineers) and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who have excelled in the fast paced tempo of that employment.

Furthermore, by the distinct advantage of our appreciation and knowledge of ex military engineers we have identified exceptional aeronautical and marine engineers for key projects across the globe.

We have also placed candidates in maintenance engineering roles, plant mechanics, vehicle mechanics and Field Service roles – the list is endless.  Indeed, we continue to identify the very best engineering candidates many months before they are due to leave the Services.  Our candidates have some of the most extensive and recognisable technical qualifications (degrees, indentured apprenticeships, HNC/HND) in a huge variety of specialisations and are keen to embark on worthwhile second careers.

We understand that there is a shortage of good engineers in the market place and we are well placed to assist our clients to find technical staff in a very different talent pool.

If you are looking to recruit high calibre engineers then please make contact and we discuss the support we can offer.