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Institute of Recruiters

Institute of Recruiters

CV Preparation

When producing your CV please do not demilitarize all the content.  Many civilian employers do understand the rank structures and the responsibilities that go with the rank.  Furthermore, it is our job to present and, where necessary, expand on your Service background to any prospective employer.  That said, do avoid too much ‘deep’ military terminology - unless it is relevant to the role you are applying for - and avoid TLAs (Three Letter Abbreviations!!). 

We acknowledge that it is sometimes very difficult to readily convert military ranks, responsibilities, and/or roles into a civilian equivalent.  The best advice is try not to - simply try and use straightforward and recognizable terms without losing your military identity. 

Also, don't forget to include secondary duties - many civilian personnel do not have such responsibilities (in the workplace), so they can provide extra insights into you as a person and your suitability for a role.  What you took for granted as 'just being a part of Forces life' (e.g. first aider, club/society committee member, document custodian etc.) can be very useful information for a prospective employer.  If in doubt, give us a call and we will do our best to help and advise.

Can we also ask that you include a current address.  Of course, we appreciate that this might be a Service or temporary address, and that you are looking to relocate, but please tell us that in any covering letter or email.  If you don’t want to relocate, then no problem, and the address in your CV will help us to find the right role in the right location.

When pulling together details for your CV always include an overview of responsibilities and any key achievements. These responsibilities and achievements should be clearly expressed in quantifiable and contextualized terms, e.g. managerial, financial or material. Make achievements relevant and easily understandable.