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Institute of Recruiters

Institute of Recruiters

Resourcing & Advertising Solutions

As an alternative to our contingent managed recruitment service we are pleased to offer our Candidate Resourcing and Advertising Solution. This service proactively positions your vacancies to all relevant candidates on our database and social media groups. In addition, we act as your clarion call on a number of commercial and military job boards (including CV library, Jobsite, Indeed Jobs and other on-line job boards). 

Summary of Service 

• Prominent Adverts on our Website. 
• Extensive Advertising on Mainstream and Defence Related Job Boards. 
• Proactive Email Campaign to Relevant Matches on our Candidate Database. 
• Vacancies Published Extensively on Social Media. 
          o Our Linked In Groups (Including a significant number of ‘closed’ specialist groups) 
          o Our Facebook Site. 
          o Our Twitter Site. 
• Initial Review of Candidate Applications (As you Require) 


• Less Expensive than Traditional Print Advertising. 
• Less Expensive than Running Online Adverts yourself. 
• Less Time Consuming for you. 
• Significantly more Proactive than many other forms of Recruitment Campaign. 
• The ability to be able to make multiple hires at no additional cost. 
• Works exceptionally well in parallel with in house recruitment campaigns. 
• Opens up your opportunities to a very different, highly motivated and proficient talent pool. 

The cost of the Candidate Resourcing and Advertising Solution is £599 (Ex VAT) for a 28 day campaignAll we require from you is an instruction to proceed, a high quality electronic copy of your company logo (should you wish your brand to be identified on our website) and a comprehensive job description for the role in question.

Download as PDF.